Grant Horsley Music

Composers note


The first part of this CD consists of 36 short pieces to help the dancer learn to distinguish between a waltz, polka and march.


Each has been composed in

authentic style to make the differences obvious. There are variations in tempo between some tracks to add diversity.


The waltzes and polkas are sixteen bars in length, the Marches eight

The second part of the CD (24 tracks) focuses on note value


Each of the extracts (37-60) will help dancers familiarise themselves with the basic note values of crotchet, minim, semibreve and quaver, and identify and clap each one with appropriate guidance given by a teacher. All these tracks commence with a count in of “ready..and..” followed by two bars of crotchets which then either change to another note value or remain as crotchets as outlined in the track listing.


Finally there are two tracks at the end of the CD (track 61 and 62) which provide phrases of two bars of played crotchets followed by two silent bars. Here the teacher can stipulate which note value to clap within these silent bars. Track 61 provides 16 bars and track 62 an extended 32 bar phrase.



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