Grant Horsley Music

Allegro and Merry-Go-Round


“I bought the Allegro CD from you recently and love it. It is great to have familiar music that is a decent length so that you don't have to keep stopping. It's good for the students stamina. Also bought the other one for younger children  but that is lovely too and very appropriate for their age”.


many thanks


Kathy Davies


Kathy Davies Dance.

Dorchester. Dorset




Great! Beautiful pieces that will be so useful to me and my students


Jane Brood.

Southend on-sea





“I bought your Allegro CD a few weeks ago and have found it invaluable for teaching free work to children and students, and also for my adult classes. It is so nice to be able to search for something by time signature and style – almost like having a pianist in the room again, rather than trawling through whole albums in search of a particular type of rhythm. I have also found the inclusion of several 6/8 pieces useful, it is very hard to find suitable 6/8 music”.


Penny Woodman

Freelance ballet teacher- Sussex




“I love the music, it’s original and fun. The children respond well to it too”.


Katie Sweeting Dip DDI.

Sidcup Kent.


World Music for Ballet and Merry- Go-Round


“I use your World Music a lot for a varied style of allegro and even more I use your Merry Go Round CD all the time (difficult to tear myself and pupils away from it as it is so user friendly somehow!) Even my older children love the combination track of walks, runs, skips and ask to use it as a warm up.


I particularly like run and pause as it makes the children really LISTEN - something they don't really do these days as there is so much "white noise" in their lives these days. All the creative pieces and lovely”.


Diana Malin (Iles) F.I.S.T.D



Waltz, Polka or March? and Allegro


“A real help for teaching the music sections of the ISTD junior grades; plenty of variety of the three pieces and the tracks for clapping note values are excellent”.


Allegro –“A brilliant selection of pieces that are the ideal length to enable enchainments to be


repeated several times which too many class CD’s don’t have”.


Jayne King F.I.S.T.D.


The dancer’s school. Gorleston Norfolk


Waltz, Polka or March?


“An invaluable CD for any teacher that doesn't have a regular pianist. The range of choices means that Primarys don't just get used to the pieces on the ISTD CDs, and you don't have to search for your own pieces to play to your Grade 1s - they're already there and all in one place ... heaven for a busy ballet teacher! The tracks for the music section for Grade 2s are possibly the most helpful for those of us without a regular pianist as this was quite tricky to explain and re-create before I purchased this CD. The tracks are clear and as they would be in an exam, and again lots of choice. Highly recommended!” A***


Hayley Winton

The Dance Studio. Hertfordshire



Waltz, Polka or March? and Allegro


“I have had Grant Horsley's "Waltz,Polka or March?" CD for some time now and could not do without this very well set out and produced tool for ISTD Ballet class music section. A triumph!


My latest addition is "Allegro" an inspirational set of tracks, lovingly put together, played from the heart, the students love this CD and feel that they are "really" dancing to some of the big Ballet classics without being daunted by the whole score! Fabulous! Thank you Grant!”


Jane Ashley-Emile

Principal JAE Dance Studio Dersingham Norfolk


Catching Butterflies


“Exactly what I needed! Saved me a fortune rather than buying from IDTA!” Thanks A+


Lucie Bingham.

South Normanton. Derbyshire.