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13   1:46   Reverie

17   1:47   Nocturne



PLEASE NOTE - The majority of the tracks on this album contain tempo and mood changes, so many of the

                             samples consist of small segments of the complete recording

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Composers note


The intention of these compositions is to provide teachers, dancers, and examiners with music that can be used for classical ballet festivals. Their use is not exclusively limited to these however, as they could quite easily work well for small scale productions , dance shows and DDI & DDE examinations.


I wanted to create something new and refreshing and offer a selection of music that fits the time scale of the festivals- all tracks are between 1:40 and 2 minutes duration.


The music is a hybrid. They are essentially classical in nature with contrast and climax, but gently fused with film music harmonies that give an unusual variation to the overall outcome. All tracks have a tempo change, some with a time signature change as well.

They all begin with an Adage section, in four-four, three- four or twelve-eight time. The second half of the compositions feature various styles including Grande Allegro, Lyrical Waltz, Jig, and Mazurka. Additionally, for convenience, the tempo change for each composition has been repeated as a separate track on the CD.

In consultation with teachers and examiners in the preparation of this music, it was felt that the pieces were generally suited to slightly more advanced dancers, although some younger dancers may respond well to it.

Finally, this album has been recorded “live” on a grand piano to emulate the pianist in the room with the dancer. I wanted to convey grace and charm entwined with power and passion in the performance, hopefully to give inspiration through the music. It has also been recorded with few effects so that the reverberation around the rehearsal space is limited.

I hope you enjoy this music as much as I have enjoyed writing and performing it.



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