Grant Horsley Music
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Paul was tall at school, and this attribute was the key to being selected to play the cello, these lessons being a good grounding when by his teens, electric instruments called - and he began to play in bands, often on bass guitar - and then came his first taste of theatre music, playing in the band in the pit at a number of theatres. Eventually, music became involved in almost everything he did, and he switched careers to work in education - teaming up with Grant Horsley, who he met many times playing in shows. Paul was very interested in Music Technology, using the first proper music computers - 1994, and a black and white Atari 520, running Cubase - his first experience of sequencers and MIDI music. Working with Grant in education, he started work with Edexcel, the examination board pioneering Music Technology as a potential A Level subject, alongside their existing music qualifications. He was a member of a small team who put together the new courses, got them approved by Government, and then went on to be a Principal Examiner, looking after a team of examiners - carrying out training, exam setting and the assessment and quality roles. Theatre was still very important to him, so he moved across to BTEC, who were creating the new qualifications in Performing Arts and Music. Part of his role there was to write and update the units being delivered in schools and colleges across the country, and travel to centres to verify work and carry out training. During this period, Paul stopped his teaching and went back to working in the entertainment industry - in technical roles and then production and company management - something he still does. However, in the past few years he has also returned to performing - becoming part of a popular 60s tribute band touring the UK, Europe and the UAE.


Paul considers Grant to be the true expert in music, and rather than study and practice very hard on a single instrument, Paul is a musical nomad - lucky enough to be able to learn instruments well enough to play them, record them and then move on to the next project. He likes challenges and at the moment the biggest challenge is to learn to play the pedal steel guitar - an instrument that seems to break every rule - with far too many strings, 4 levers to play with your feet and two levers to operate with your knees! For the moment, a work in progress.


Paul's role in Grant's recordings is to record what Grant plays, add any of the extra instruments required, manipulate the sounds and produce the CDs and the download files. He manages the internet download site and runs the website. Some of Grant's first recordings took over two weeks to record, and now they're always adding extra material and pushing themselves into new and exciting projects.

Paul Johnson