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The primary function of this CD is to give anyone involved with working with young children a selection of music to use for general class work.  It is hoped that the exercises in the first part will provide useful activities for jumping, running, skipping, hopping, galloping etc, as the time signatures and musical phrases are intended to correspond to the various movements as outlined in the track listing.


Although the music in the first half of the CD (Tracks 1-12) has been composed with specific exercises in mind, various alternatives have been suggested. These pieces can be used quite simply to allow the teacher/facilitator to be as creative as they wish to organise movement and exercise to suit their own requirements.


The next four tracks are entitled “General” (Tracks 13-16). There are two in two-four time, and two in six-eight. These do not have any particular exercise or dance/movement attached to them but have been included simply to offer extra pieces for further variety.


The second half of the CD (tracks 17-29) features pieces for characters or animals. These have been composed and arranged to truly reflect them. For example, incorporating the military drums and brass for the Soldiers, using the harp and piccolo for the light textures in  Butterflies  and the sounds of the honkey-tonk piano and fairground organ in the Tightrope Walker. These character pieces, as well as the exercise music, can easily be used for school productions, talent shows, solos, festivals or competitions. Finally, the CD has been arranged to bring a variety of sounds and percussion together. Hopefully it will make the exercises, dances or creative movement really enjoyable for young children and teachers alike.


Grant Horsley June 2014


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