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Sometimes waiting for the CD is just too long. If you need a specific piece of music urgently, then downloading is the quickest option. Playing an MP3 track is a modern alternative to playing a CD. All the track information is displayed on the individual CD pages, so you can download your tracks, and create your own Cds, or just play them from iTunes or other popular software players. The tracks have been converted to high quality MP3s, and you can download individual tracks, or complete CDs.

The complete CDs are supplied as zipped files containing all the tracks on the full CD. This usually opens on your computer with the built in unzip software. If you have an older computer you may need to install an unzipping utility - there are many available on the net for both PC and MAC systems.


Zip files can be occasionally rejected by anti-virus software - if this happens please update your protection software. The downloaded files are screened and checked for viruses.



If you wish to download the full CD - please do this from a desktop or laptop computer. Some iPads will not be able to unzip the compressed file. Downloading to a Mac or Windows PC will then let you transfer the music to your iPad.

Hotmail and Gmail sometime reject the file - we do get a notification, but please contact us if you have any problems and we can simply email the tracks to you -



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How it works. Click on the CD you wish to download from in the list on the left. You will then see the tracks that are available for download. Select just one track, a few or the entire CD, and your selection will be added to the Paypal Cart - you can keep adding tracks and the paypal basket should open in another window.

When you complete the checkout, Paypal will direct you to the download page. If your computer doesn’t display this, don’t worry - a duplicate will be sent to your Paypal email address.


Please note that you have 24 hours to download the file, and then the link will expire.


If you have any problems, please contact us by email


Usually the download email is received very quickly, but occasionally the link can take a few minutes to arrive - depending on the load on the servers. The individual tracks are quite small, but be aware the complete CD may be up to 80MB is size - and depending on your Internet connection may take a while to download.


Please note - Waltz, Polka or March is not available as an individual tracks for download as the nature of the CD makes having all tracks critical, and the CD comes complete with the full details on how to use the music - however you can down load the entire CD.

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