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Reflections - CD Cover image Catching Butterflies - CD cover butterfly Waltz, Polka or March - CD cover


A selection of music that fits the time scale of festivals. All tracks are between 1:40 and 2 minutes duration.

Catching Butterflies

This CD features music that can be used for classical ballet festivals, small scale productions, dance shows and DDI & DDE examinations

Waltz, Polka or March

36 short pieces to help the dancer learn to distinguish between a waltz, polka and march followed by 24 tracks focussing on note value recognition.

World Music for Ballet - CD cover image Merry-Go-Round - CD cover image Allegro - CD cover image Ballerina in white room

World Music for Ballet

Specially composed music that offers teachers and dancers the opportunity to explore and perform to music in world styles.


The primary function of this CD is to give anyone involved with working with young children a selection of music to use for general class work.


The tracks on this CD have been carefully arranged for the piano from established ballets.