Grant Horsley Music

PLEASE NOTE - The majority of the tracks on this album contain tempo and mood changes, so many of the

                             samples consist of small segments of the complete recording

Composers note


The intention of these compositions is to provide teachers, dancers, and examiners with music that can be used for classical ballet festivals. Their use is not exclusively limited to these however, as they could quite easily work well for small scale productions , dance shows and DDI & DDE examinations.


Each track has “suggested” narrative titles which are offered merely as suggestions as they can be easily renamed to fit a variety of situations as the teacher deems appropriate.


“Joy at the Seaside” featuring happy skipping in 6-8 time would work equally well in a dance such as “Playtime with Friends” or ”Going to a Party”.  Each composition is between 1:15 mins and 1:30 mins duration and should be suitable to correspond with the timings of ballet festivals.


Where musically appropriate, I have included a change of mood to convey a new direction/thought even style to give the teacher and dancer room to be creative in approach.

Finally, this album has been recorded “live” on a grand piano to emulate the pianist in the room with the dancer. It has been recorded with few effects so that the reverberation around the rehearsal space is limited. I am very proud of this album for classical dance.  I hope you will enjoy this album as much as I have enjoyed writing and performing it.




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