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The tracks on this CD have been carefully arranged for the piano from established ballets. Their extended format will be more convenient for repetitions, repeats on the second side, free enchainments and working with larger classes.


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Allegro The purpose of gathering this material together was to give teachers a variety of familiar music to use for free allegro class work. More importantly, I wanted material that was both inspiring and enjoyable to dance to, so I felt that music from the ballets was the obvious choice. The pieces used for this CD come from the following ballets: Swan Lake, Giselle, La Source, Sleeping Beauty, Les Sylphides, Coppelia, Don Quixote, The Nutcracker and the ballet music from Faust. My main objective was to arrange a selection of pieces so that each track is of sufficient length to rehearse with a large class. This prevents the need to play tracks over and over which can be particularly annoying, so they will be beneficial when repeating exercises/enchainments on the second side or dealing with a large class. The track lengths are between 1:05 and 3:34. There are 30 tracks in total, which cover time signatures of two-four, three-four, four-four and six-eight. There are different tempi used throughout the CD, so teachers will be able to find a speed and style appropriate for any intended enchainment. The music has been played from the original scores and although some tracks have cuts, repeated sections and modifications, they have been carefully constructed to ensure that the balance of phrasing and musicality has been maintained. Grant Horsley March 2015