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Hello and welcome to this new area on my site.


I graduated from the Royal College of Music in 1982 having specialised in Piano Performance with Angus Morrison OBE and Piano Accompaniment with Ruth Gerald. I have enjoyed playing many recitals both as soloist and accompanist during my career. For this new project my intention is to offer accompaniments of high quality in terms of live performance and recording. A good deal of time and thought has been put into the preparation of these pieces. There are other accompaniments available online but I’ve noticed that they either have poor recording quality or the performances seem to lack musicality. I wanted to offer a very passionate performance to capture the style of pieces which I hope will help musicians at every level.


Instrumental accompaniments - A musician’s guide!


Starting with the more difficult to obtain piano accompaniments, all of these pieces are recorded live as a concert performance with technology used to enhance and aid authenticity. They include ralls, accelerandos, rubatos, pauses etc to remain faithful to the score, although personal interpretation, of course, is left to live performance with a pianist. There are two versions for all quicker movements-a practice and a performance tempo. Most slow movements don’t have a practice version- see individual listings.


The practice tempo is not half tempo, rather a sub tempo which may prove useful during the later stages of practice. There is no loss in recording quality for the practice version as many people have noticed with electronically slowed down recordings from the internet.


The final performance tempo has been taken from my experience as a professional accompanist, but also that of several professional teacher colleagues whom I have consulted during this project.


Both long cadenzas and orchestral tuttis have been cut and all pieces have repeats or DC/DS in line with live performance convention


Where necessary, a gentle click precedes the pieces (as in the case of a blind start) and on occasion a click appears between segued movements or within a piece where there is an undetermined rall etc. to facilitate coordinated entry. All pieces have repeats or DC/DS in line with live performance convention.


An audio sample for all pieces for you to listen to and test for suitability is provided on each individual listings page.


Finally and importantly…..


I’d like to stress that these accompaniments are for practice purposes and will hopefully enable the student to gain a deeper understanding of the work(s) as a whole. They are not intended to replace or undervalue a live pianist.


More pieces are being added regularly, so please bookmark us and visit again.


We would love any comments, feedback or suggestions for future recordings you may have.


I hope these accompaniments will prove to be very useful- enjoy!